Wednesday, June 22, 2011

darse color

---hey all right... - fine Pantaleon thanks... guess what! - what - k asked me for lunch with u and her - oh yeah she told me so... by the way it was quite funny - what? - well she asked me if i was going to have lunch with u and i said that maybe and then she said that she would join us because she couldnt believe that i would go alone with u - what? ha-ha - hehe i know... she said that i was too shy to go out with u - what?? shy??? you??? please!!! - i know - if she knew hehe - haha i know - u shy? please.., i will ask her to give u something from anna summers for ur birthday hehe... shy... no way.., - u think she knows? - what!!! knows our... mmmm.,, dont think so ... she knows we chat... thats all - oh well so i will ask her when she want to join us for lunch - ok thats fine with me - cool.., so i will c u later - sure - by the way... love ur hair today ---

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