Sunday, April 01, 2007

Así nos ven !

- Titles are very important in Mexico. Address a person directly by using his or her title only. Wait for your counterpart to initiate a switch to first names.

- Conversations take place at a much closer physical distance than travelers may be accustomed to at home. Stepping back from your counterpart may be regarded as unfriendly.

- In a store, pay for purchases by placing money in the cashier's hand. Do not place money on the counter.

- Use caution when photographing airports, police or military locations, oil installments, harbors or bridges, as they are considered security- related areas.

- Women may be hassled in Mexico. They should ignore inappropriate verbal remarks and gestures

- The business atmosphere in Mexico is friendly and easygoing, with the pace tending to be slower than that of the U.S. or Europe.

- Decisions are made at top levels, with consultation at lower levels.

- Mexicans are not extremely punctual, and delays are frequent.

- Mexicans usually avoid saying "no". A "maybe" or "we will see" may actually mean "no." "Yes" may have been said out of politeness.

- Mexicans are status conscious. At least one member of the negotiating team should be from higher level management.

- The best times for business meetings are breakfast or lunch. Dinner is not a time to discuss business.

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